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Hi! I’m Adi Wineland, and I’m a teenager with a burning passion for singing and performing. I love and appreciate all genres of music (even if my dad plays a few blues songs too many times!), and I’m always eager to improve on my musical knowledge and skills.

It’s really hard for me to recall when I first started singing, but my family tells me that I first started belting ballads as a toddler. Since then, I’ve always loved to sing – whether it’s on a large stage during my school’s musical, or a venue as intimate as a hotel stage. I’ve taken piano lessons since second grade, and I’ve strummed away at the guitar since seventh grade. For me, music has always been something that I couldn’t keep trapped inside me. In my day-to-day life, I always need to be surrounded by music. Even when I’m doing the dishes or doing homework you can hear me humming along to the song that’s stuck in my head. I know it drives my family crazy that I belt powerful ballads and Taylor Swift tunes in the shower, but singing is something that really does something to my heart. As a full time student, I love participating in my school’s productions and I’m involved in my school’s choir department. Last year, I a cast member of Young Frankenstein, and I’ve also been in several other musicals with my schools.

This past year, I’ve become very immersed in the beautiful art of writing songs. After hearing Taylor Swift’s newest album 1989, it really occurred to me how vital it is to write and perform original material in this day and age, and by writing songs, I love that I can harness two of my favorite weapons – writing and singing – and put them to use to create creative and different songs.

Several people, including my own mom, have asked me which artist in the industry I want to be. They’ll ask, “do you want to be Bruno Mars?”, “do you want to be Taylor Swift or Adele?”, and the answer is, I don’t want to be an exact replica of another artist, or even follow the formula of the clichéd “singer in the music industry.” I want to be myself, and people can come to me if they like me. I don’t want to try and appeal to people in order to win their interest, but rather reach out to them by being honest and writing interesting and fun music.

I encourage you to take a look at the rest of this site, and maybe have a listen to my new EP, which I just completed. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, CLICK HERE.

Happy listening!


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